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Where time stops ... When you visit Skiathos you fall in love with it. Villa Ira is made to offer you what you have dreamed of the tranquility, the view of the magnificent sunset, the relaxation, swimming, the best beaches of the Mediterranean in front of the famous Banana beach to listen only to the waves.
Tour of Skiathos - Villa Ira

Tour of Skiathos

Skiathos is the island of Alexandros Papadiamantis the modern scholar of the modern history of Greece.The writings and narratives are known all over the world.Today they are so timeless that you can accompany you reading on your holidays.In the city of Skiathos operates as a museum the house where Alexandros Papadiamantis lived and grew up. Skiathos is ideal for Religious tourism, the Holy Monastery of Evangelistria of Skiathos is the point of reference on the island, where the first Greek flag was woven and raised with the Cross in the middle, starting the Greek Revolution. with the chapel of St. Athanasius the Athonite of historical importance that was a dependency of Mount Athos, the Holy Monastery of Iconistria, the chapels of St. Sozon of St. Alexander and many more.
Skiathos is famous for its gastronomy , it is worth trying the traditional cuisine, as well as the traditional sweets of Skiathos .
Even for your beautiful evenings in the old port you can enjoy the drink and the cool cocktails at Rock n Roll , the thrylik bar of Europe overlooking the bourtzi and the old port.
It is worth visiting the magnificent beach of Mandraki where the blue waters in the northern part of the island enchant you and taste the traditional flavors from the canteen of Elias.
Still daily start from the old Port of Skiathos cruises for the tour of the island and the famous Lalaria and the castle of Skiathos which was the first place of residence of the inhabitants of the island in the northern part to be protected from pirates.
Also daily Skiathos is connected by boat with the city of Volos, and Mantoudi which is the closest destination to Athens and by speedboat with Thessaloniki.